Technical felts

Conventional wool felts are produced on modern, high-performance machinery based on a process that has been used for millennia. These felts are available in various white and grey felt qualities.


With its versatile properties, felt is ideal for a diverse range of applications in many different industry sectors!


Our product range also includes needle felts made from synthetic fibres such as:

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Meta-aramid and para-aramid fibres or PAN fibres in various thicknesses and densities
  • Simple fleeces from mixed and/or recycled fibres
  • Specially defined filter fleeces


Do you need semi-finished products for further processing in your production processes? Please have a look at our standard dimensions.
If you cannot find anything suited for you application, please inquire anywayWe would like to find a solution together with you.

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