Felt for musical instruments

Piano felts are an integral part of our product range. Thereby we follow the centuries-long tradition of J. D. Weickert Pianofortefilzfabrik.


Our piano felt products include:

  • top hammer felt by Wurzen Felt in 4 different qualities (B, A, AA, Weickert special)
  • treble damper felt and bass damper felt in sheets or cut in strips
  • piano mechanism felt on roll or as strips
  • front rail punchings and back rail strips from white climate-stable piano felt or from woven felt
  • bushing cloth and balance rail punchings
  • moderator felt and many other felt parts that are used in piano construction


We also offer felts for other musical instruments:

  • felt balls and beater heads for mallets
  • soft felt for timpani mallets (timpani felt)
  • felt for wind instruments, organs, xylophones, and more


Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

Top hammer felt by Wurzen Felt - our "flagship"

By combining decades of our own experiences with traditional production methods we managed to reinvigorate the original Weickert piano top hammer felt. Intense cooperation with hammerhead makers and piano manufacturers enabled us to consistently improve our products over the years.

The result of this process was the creation of a more elastic and durable felt that offers the piano technician a much wider dynamic range of tone while requiring less maintenance.

Nowadays top hammer felts from Filzfabrik Wurzen are well known within the industry. Our customers and experts around the world alike associate the brands Wurzen Felt, FFW Felt as well as Weickert Felt with excellent quality.

Cooperation leads to success

The felt is the base for perfect sound, but the hammerhead production method and voicing technique of the piano maker‎ are equally important.

This video shows such a collaboration between the companies:

Filzfabrik Wurzen (felt manufacturer), Louis Renner (hammerhead manufacturer) and
Steingraeber & Söhne (piano manufacturer).

The hammerhead felt quality shown here is our latest innovation called “Weickert special”.