Endless felts

Alongside our regular technical wool felts, we also produce specialty felts for our customers’ specific applications. These include seamless felt tubes, felt sleeves, roller covers and felt belts.


In addition to our standard dimensions, we also supply a range of customer-specific solutions.
Fitting felt tubes to your rollers is one of the services we offer.


Felt tubes and belts are used in lubrication in metalworking, the food industry, textile machinery, paper production (felt manchon) and also as ironing felts in the leather industry.


Our standard dimensions for felt tubes are:

Dia 32 x 22 mm, up to 1000 mm length
Dia 60 x 40 mm, up to 1600 mm length
Dia 110 x 80 mm, up to 1600 mm length


Can’t find the felt tube you are looking for? – Get in touch and we will find a solution.