Cut-to-size felts

Thanks to the very favourable properties of wool, technical felts are used in many sectors of modern industry.
Examples include:

  • Felt seals
  • Lubricating felts
  • Primer felts
  • Furniture sliders
  • Insulating felts


With our full range of production equipment and the technical capabilities that this opens up, we are able to fulfil the diverse needs of our customers and to supply customised felt products.

We can supply a wide range of cut-to-size felts – from simple cut and punched pieces such as felt rings or strips, right through to specially made felt parts based on customer drawings.

If you wish, we can also include special features, such as adhesives, velour fabrics or impregnations.
There are almost no constraints on what is possible.


We will find the right solution for your application!


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